Hudson Glover is a musician and behavioral therapist living in Humboldt County, CA and graduate of HSU with a BA in Biological Psychology & Music Composition. This rural community is essential to his creative output as most of his musical exploration and philosophy is inward. Starting in middle school, he has released over 20 albums worth of material ranging from pop, chamber, ambient/drone, jazz, and most commonly, electronic. His primary instruments are piano and percussion but tries to experiment with more exotic string instruments and synthesizers to accommodate alternative tuning systems. His musical influences include Claude Debussey, Bill Evans, Brian Eno, Juan Atkins, Aphex Twin, Merzbow and Ween. Common themes that inspire his music come from anime, vintage game soundtracks, and romanticism. Hudson’s live performance consists of all analog hardware including DIN synced drum machines, loop pedals, vintage synthesizers, and acoustic instruments. These performances are constantly changing as they are based largely on improvisation which make way for a much more musical and exciting live show than a laptop performance. In recent years he has created the netlabel, Sounds for Spawning, to release his and his friends’ music as well as put on events.